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Divide and Conquer; Divide and Conflate; Inflate the Power

Not only is [there] an imbalanced concentration of power,
but cops aren’t actually experts at what the laws actually are.
” —Jarien Sky

     So very, very much so–the goons don’t know the laws that they are gooning for, except in the moment in which they are suspending other laws guaranteed rights. The brutality arm =/= the courts and legal system. The false interchangeability of knowledge, function, and power has “crept” in (promoted from on high, purposely) to the point where though the distinctions are constantly plowed over, they are still used as an excuse for lack of actual helpful assistance or accomplishment, and because of their *de juris only* state of or enactment of their distinction, people, that is, lay people, including *employers* and people forcibly, both physically and otherwise, as it goes, involved in the one of the “branches” do not fully if at all know the distinctions and their differences, and namely, implications (charge constantly conflated with conviction), just as is clear from the  impossibility of checks-and-balances apparent in the way to describe this part of problem, as de juris only.
      The problem also extends to everyone who works with the cops: Look at New Mexico’s medical professionals, medical practitioners being in the caring, nurturing professions, participating in the excessive, unnecessary anal probing, under directives of the police force and a judge, of the person (indubitably representative) who sued over it; or the Albuquerque EMTs who violently dehumanize over the fact that a person takes a psychiatric medication that they have a prescription for, while on a call that APD cops are sent to, and sent to FIRST, who do the same–*and* accuse a person of not taking their “meds,” as excuse for dehumanizing degrading treatment and violence…in front of life-saving EMTs who either remain silent or participate in these contradictory and equally degrading manners. Unfortunately, I know a number of people who have been subjected to this experience.

#MARSHALLLAW #eminemstate #doyougetityet


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