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In America, there’s a pandemic, the police beat you.

In America, when there’s a pandemic and people are sick and dying, and because of it, you don’t know if you’ll get to keep your job or pay your rent, and for some, are not getting to see family, or if you’re on the frontlines of health work, maybe are living in your car if you have one in order to not get your family sick,
if you speak out about police murdering a man again, a Black man,
or do your job reporting on it,
or bring water to the people are speaking out,
the police beat you.
They beat you with a super dense metal rod. They beat women. They beat the journalists.

And they gas you with chemical warfare weapons.
Even the little children.
They shoot you in the face, so that your face bones break, and your face might be deformed for life.

They shoot you in the eye, and blind you for life.

They surround you and take you prisoner for your beliefs and speech, and do not give you water or food or bathroom for 8-10 hours.
They hide where you’re going, where they’re keeping you, and don’t tell anyone why. Sometimes they don’t decide why they kidnapped you until a long time after, and no one knows what you’re charged with until they find a way to make something up and write it down.

Then, you have to pay them a large codified bribe, but it’s just the first part of how they demand money from you.
If you can’t pay it, they keep you in a jail cell. And sometimes they don’t even let you pay to get out to work on your case. You hardly ever get representation, except for a few minutes beforehand.
And they charge you for keeping you in the jail cell.
#Abolish or #Reform?

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