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UPDATE: Neck Gaiters Found Effective in Latest Study; Jury Still Out Overall

Fortunately, in this more recent study, neck gaiters provide protection like masks against coronavirus droplets and aerosols.

The University of Georgia study offered similar data as a Virginia Tech study conducted shortly prior, and therefore reached similar conclusion.

However, please keep in mind that SARS-CoV2 is still very new and changing, meaning we still have little data overall about efficacy of different types of masks in stopping coronavirus. As always, the data gathered must be widespread and the tests repeatedly showing similar results to make any accurate assessment of performance in general. And when it comes to corona, I for one am not okay with “two out of three ain’t bad” instead of the best protection I can get myself and people I care about–and that I hope everyone is using, for the sake of us all.

Police Wear Neck Gaiters in Philly

Police wear neck gaiters when these have been shown to spread corona worse, more and faster.

This photo by Victor J. Blue for the New York Times Live U.S. 2020 Election Updates, captioned, “

Supporters of President Donald Trump protested the ongoing ballot counting in Philadelphia, amidst rhetoric from the president questioning the legitimacy of the election.